As a now 6 year old agency with over 20 employees and a growing book of business, one would imagine we’ve been blogging for years and have had plenty of knowledge to contribute to the world. In a sense, we have, many of our team members have written blogs, spoken at conferences, taught courses and contributed to the greater tech community. However, as a company, a formal voice has been elusive, blogging has been the proverbial Trello card that never gets moved out of the icebox.

Candidly, the early years of starting an agency are really hard and not too dissimilar to raising a child, I’d know since my son shares the same age as Whitelabel. What would we have even said in years 1 and 2? Would we be embarrassed by it now? Do those people still work here? In truth, the path to getting to this point has been anything but linear, and it’s certainly not moved up and to the right the whole time. However, those early years were chock-full of lessons, mistakes, wins and experiences that have shaped who we are today, and prepared us for what we will face in the future. 

So here we are, entering our 7th year in business and finally ready to share our best practices, knowledge and techniques with the world at large, or at least the few people who read these early posts. The reality is, we’ll probably still look back in a few years and be a bit embarrassed, but it’s time to live by our own stated company values and strive to “get to greatness”. So what follows will be a snapshot of where we are at these moments in time, willing to take a stand or share a view, but unafraid of change and open to being challenged in our thinking. So welcome to the Whitelabel blog, we hope you enjoy, find value, learn and reach out to connect. 

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