Trustless, Secure, and simple

Decidable, interpreted, and groundbreaking programmability for Bitcoin

Leveraging the security of bitcoin with Proof of Transfer Smart Contracts. Clarity is a unique smart contract language created for the Stacks Blockchain, designed to prevent bugs and proactively protect users.

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Decidable Programming

Clarity is Turing incomplete and therefore you know with certainty what the program will do, plus you have an accurate picture of gas cost before execution.

Proof of Transfer

Stacks recycles the energy of Bitcoin, by using previously mined BTC to mine STX. Stackers can earn Bitcoin rewards for locking their STX to the network.

Bitcoin Settlement Layer

Stacks uses Bitcoin as a settlement layer, meaning anything that materializes to the stacks blockchain is also written to the Bitcoin blockchain.

More Transparency Leads to Better Transactions

We have a team of committed Clarity developers who are passionate about building a better, trustless internet. By leveraging the security of Bitcoin and readability of the Clarity language on Stacks we can create dApps that are transparent and user-owned.

Build a user-owned internet with Clarity

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